By Jennifer Infantino

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Dog Portraits


1dog:  $800 + tax 

Each additional dog in the same drawing:  +$600 + tax

Other animals: Send a picture and I can give you a quote.

Framing Option:  I love shipping finished and framed work to customers! Then all you have to do is find a spot to hang it! Because my work is so colorful, sometimes customers have a hard time knowing how to compliment it with the frame.  If you would like for me to handle it for you, I know of a great local place where I take all my work. They are excellent. Cost: framing + $25

Shipping:  At cost. I ship internationally.

Have a different idea? I'd love to hear about it!

Size:  The paper is 20"x26" (I like to draw big). Depending on the orientation and dimensions of the image we choose, the actual drawing will frame out smaller.  

Materials: I use professional grade art materials that make my heart SING!  My paper of choice at the moment is colored paper made by Canson and my pencils (OH MY PENCILS) are Prismacolor.  I love them.  It's pretty silly how much I love them.  Did I mention I love them?

Time:  It takes ~30-60 hours for one drawing

Sometimes there is a 2-3 month wait to start.  

Agreement on Rights:  I reserve the right to use and sell the images however I'd like for as long as I would like. This is the only way I can charge so little for so much of my time.   

What I need from you:

  • PICTURES!! This is the hardest part.  Sometimes customers send me the most proper-looking picture of their dog, but if your dog isn't very proper, that's not a good pic.  Does your dog have one ear that never lays flat or spots on his tongue or a goofy smile? YES, that's the pic you want to send me.  Let's capture what makes your dog unique.
  • Highest resolution possible because I zoom in to get details.  
  • Please also send a close up of their face so I can capture the eyes. This is so important. The eyes are the soul of your dog. 
  • Any little "extras" you would like included. A special dog tag, etc.
  • Half of the payment is due to save your spot in the queue and the remainder is due upon completion of the drawing.

The other thing I need from you:  Oh you are going to hate this.  The other thing I need? Your trust.  You might have a favorite color you really want but trust me it's best if I just let my creativity do its thing.  

Denver Dog Drawings